Georgeous Performance of Nouveau Cirque in Eupen | B

Compagnie Lapsus excites the audience and the critiques with their „Six pieds sur terre“

by Veronica Posth


Wooden boxes, bricks, egg shelves and a rope create the set that is constantly changed bringing surprises and pure amusement.

The Compagnie Lapsus presents Six pieds sur terre where six outstanding performers invite to take part in a particular space without time where to feel amazed, to laugh and to be pleasantly moved. The dream-like scenario, sometimes funny, others dark but still comic, makes to wonder and enjoy the engrossing piece. Feeling participative and in some way even responsible for the enthralling jumps, lifts and difficult balances, the audience is completely enraptured. With captivating, exuberant coup de theatre and fine, extraordinary acrobatics, the six agile performers show a wonderful piece where the boundaries between clumsy games and precise accuracy are subtle, the result truly astonishing and the fun guaranteed.