für Kinder von 6 – 90 Jahren

In Kamuyot, the audience is part of the creative process and the boundaries between stage and auditorium fade out. The dancers merge with the audience and the audience becomes a part of the performance. The atmosphere is both suspensful and intimate, accompanied by a soundtrack which ranges from eclectic Japanese pop and reggae to TV show themes.
Ohad Naharin, artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company in Israel, is the choreographer behind Kamuyot. Born in 1952, he first joined Batsheva as a young dancer and pursued his career in the US, collaborating with Martha Graham, among others. He made his debut as a choreographer in 1980 and his works have been performed by a number of companies and theatres around the world.
What makes Kamuyot unique is the movement language it uses, GAGA. Developed by Ohad Naharin, it is the base for all Batsheva dancers’ daily training. GAGA is about getting to know your own body, to explore and develop the individual movement pattern, of becoming aware of the connection between effort and pleasure.
But first and foremost it is about having fun.