Here you will find night critiques and reviews, which we usually accompany and supplement with dance photography and dance films of the performances to offer an additional, independent and hopefully artistic view of the choreographic events.

BODIES AND STRUCTURE von Alexandra Waierstall

Im Rahmen des Festivals TANZ NRW'19: Uraufführung im Tanzhaus NRW BODIES AND STRUCTURE von Alexandra Waierstall in der "Arena"-Skulptur von Rita McBride Nachteindrücke von Klaus Dilger HIER geht es zu unseren Videoimpressionen Alexandra Waierstall’s  „Bodies and Structure“ feierte im Rahmen von TANZ NRW ’19 im Grossen Saal des Tanzhaus [...]

Von |11. Mai, 2019|

“Solidaritot / Solidarnoc“ by bodytalk and PTT

Move lots The Polish Dance Theatre and Bodytalk present “Solidaritot / Solidarnoc“ in Theater im Pumpenhaus in Münster Night review by Melanie Suchy translated by Karoline Strys Dance is for dreams. For those sweet and peaceful ones, for the wild, for those full of fear,  disgust, full of lust, [...]

Von |15. Dezember, 2018|