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„4LänderEck / Home of the trolls“ (Uraufführung)

GOTRA / Joost Vrouenraerts in Koproduktion mit bodytalk

Emsdetten – Stroetmanns Fabrik – Friedrichstraße 2, 48282 Emsdetten

The performance MORESNET is made by dance theater company bodytalk (D) and GOTRA (NL).

The urge for an independent refuge is a common one. People have looked for a refuge in the past and will do so in the future. We see this development today with internet communities and digital networks.

A physical space is no longer a border to find a refuge. The urge to draw up your own standards and rules is being translated into many forms.

We see dance and music as a universal language which can portray the theme of ‚independence‘.

The lost land of Neutral Moresnet is our guide.

The method of the performance: Improvisation and public participation. Created by an eclectic mix of performers.

bodytalk: Amy Pender, Charlie Fouchier, Damian Pielka, Donia Touglo, Martijn Joling, Rolf Baumgart, Yoshiko Waki

GOTRA: Joany Uranka, Joost Vrouenraets, Maïté Guérin, Maxime Smeets, Roshanak Morrowatian

Production manager – Leana Bekker – Curator – Sara Wiktorowicz

MORESNET by Gotra & bodytalk

MORESNET by Gotra & bodytalk

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