not to be hold, not to be saved…

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Gala Moody and Michael Carter succeed with "THE VASE" in Krefeld nightreview by Nicole Strecker translated by Veronica Posth   The woman is not to be hold, not to be saved. Medea, the most brutal, most invincible heroine of the Greek myth world, mother and monster, lamentable victim and incomprehensibly vindictive perpetrator. In 2014 [...]

… a concentrate of meditative calm and dance poetry!

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„Musiques et Mots pour Emmanuel“ at Festival „Move!“ in Krefeld nightreview by Bettina Trouwborst translated by Veronica Posth   With Raimund Hoghe, the festival 'Move!' 16th Krefeld Days for Modern Dance, hosts a prominent choreographer of the free scene. Hoghe lives in Düsseldorf and Paris. In France the melancholic master of danced minimalism has [...]

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