Von |2024-07-12T07:09:13+01:001. Juli, 2024|

...The only people who perhaps wanted to be a couple in Bausch’s VIKTOR are already lying dead on the stage and are married right at the beginning of the play (and again in a repeat at the very end) by a magistrate or chaplain, post mortem so to speak, after Julie Shanahan, armless like a dressmaker’s dummy, has silently dribbled an elegant red dress onto the stage ramp in the first image....

„Death is omnipresent…“

Von |2024-07-12T06:03:14+01:001. Juli, 2024|

Restaging of VIKTOR - dance piece by Pina Bausch "Death is omnipresent..." On 26 June, the revival of Pina Bausch's 1986 piece, which was last shown in 2017, celebrated its premiere with a new cast and Breanna O'Mara and Scott Jennings as guests, who had a lasting impact on the piece in its last [...]

Dance of agony

Von |2024-02-29T09:54:22+01:0029. Februar, 2024|

Dance of agony Overpretentious and underperforming: Samantha Shay's dance film "Romance" can't decide whether it wants to be fiction or documentary. The result is sobering. By: Harff-Peter Schönherr Anyone who makes a film out of literature has to hope that the cinema-goer doesn't know the original. If they do know it, there is a [...]

The live of the others…

Von |2024-02-07T10:39:57+01:0030. Januar, 2024|

Reenactment of Pina Bausch's NELKEN The live of the others... Night review by Klaus Dilger HERE you can find our video impressions A sparsely lit field of thousands of carnations, as an entrance atmosphere on the open stage of the Wuppertal Opera House. The ideal backdrop, it seems, for many a "selfie" of the [...]

What remains…

Von |2023-12-05T13:32:02+01:0025. November, 2023|

Our video impressions What remains... ... from "Café Müller" as part of the Club Amour evening by Boris Charmatz by Klaus Dilger Melanie Suchy reviewed the evening for us and comes to the questioning conclusion: "Maybe it's time to close the café". Therefore, in addition to the aspect of our own impressions for the [...]

Charmatz shows little that is surprising

Von |2023-09-09T21:43:28+01:009. September, 2023|

Charmatz shows little that is surprising: Any... The Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch presents the first piece of its new director Boris Charmatz with the jaunty French title "Liberté Cathédrale". He places it in the Mariendom in the small town of Neviges, not far from Wuppertal. HERE you will find our video-impressions Night review by [...]

„that’s slow, that’s heavy, that’s German…“

Von |2023-07-08T16:26:32+01:008. Juli, 2023|

"C'est lent, c'est lourd, c'est à l'allemand...." (that's slow, that's heavy, that's German...). said Boris Charmatz, the new intendant and artistic director of the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, on 30 June in Montpellier, when discussing the practice of re-staging the plays of the German dance theatre icon. The occasion was a "round table discussion" [...]


Von |2023-06-21T06:17:57+01:003. Juni, 2023|

THE VALLEY AND ITS WONDER WONDER VALLEY? WANTED: THE HYBRID DANCE ENGINE - A perhaps surprisingly polarising conclusion to nine days of "Wundertal" if you focus it on the core of the expectations of the new artistic director's tasks - it has turned out to be a festival by, with and for Boris Charmatz [...]

„WUNDERTAL“ in Wuppertal Sonnborn (engl.)

Von |2023-05-23T12:32:43+01:0023. Mai, 2023|

english version: "WUNDERTAL" in Wuppertal Sonnborn It was a very well organised event, characterising the first appearance of the new artistic director of the Wuppertal Dance Theatre, Boris Charmatz, in his new place of work. HERE you can find our video impressions a commentary and reflections on this by Klaus Dilger He may have [...]

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