„A New Dawn“ at schrit_tmacher justDANCE! in Heerlen


„A New Dawn“ at schrit_tmacher justDANCE! in Heerlen was a truly remarkable experience that left the audience spellbound. The seamless fusion of music, light, and breaking was a feast for the senses, as the performers demonstrated a level of softness and sensibility that was truly remarkable..

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From „Blurred Lines“ to „A New Dawn“

Initiated during a digital residency at the Dutch Dance Days in 2020, „Blurred Lines“ is the brainchild of breakdancers and percussionists Redo and Dominique, director Peter Leung, and videomaker Noralie, who brought their individual expertise to the project. The result is a visually stunning and dynamic performance that blurs the lines between music, dance, and digital art.

Inspired by their own experiences of being labeled and boxed in as breakdancers and percussionists, Redo and Dominique created a unique and immersive experience that challenges traditional notions of what it means to be a percussionist or a breakdancer. The extraordinary collaboration between Redo, Dominique, and with Binkbeats, a Dutch musician, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, added for „A New Dawn“ an extra dimension to the performance, with his unique approach to creating music deconstructing and reassembling live recordings of various instruments into complex compositions.



The „blurred Lines“ continued into „A New Dawn“

Redo’s breathtaking breakdance moves, paired expertly with Dominique’s award-winning percussion performances and Binkbeats‘ music, created a seamless and immersive experience for the audience. The use of digital technology added an extra layer to the performance, creating a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience that will undoubtedly captivate audiences worldwide.

Redo, along with the other dancers Camille Bundel and Ozzi, showcased a level of softness and sensibility that was truly remarkable. The combination of the soft, fluid dance moves and the striking use of light and music made for a breathtaking experience. Despite his physical disability, Redo moved with incredible grace and fluidity, executing moves that left the audience amazed. His performance was a testament to his incredible talent and determination.



The performance was both emotional and powerful, with the dancers moving in perfect harmony to the music.

But what makes „A New Dawn“ truly exceptional is the message it conveys. The performance is a powerful and inspiring reminder that artists should not be limited by the labels or categories that society often places on them. It encourages us all to embrace our creativity and push the boundaries of what is possible.

In conclusion, „A New Dawn“ was a stunning concert performance that left a lasting impression on everyone who saw it. Redo, Dominique, Binkbeats, Camille Bundel, and Ozzi deserve high praise for their outstanding work, as they have successfully blurred the lines between traditional art forms and created a unique and immersive experience that challenges our perception of what is possible in music, dance, and digital art.




whose real name is Redouan Ait Chitt, born 23rd september 1989 in Gorinchem, Netherlands. He started dancing when he was 15 years old and quickly fell in love with breakdancing. He is now one of the most prominent breakdancers in the Netherlands and has gained worldwide recognition for his skills.

Without any medical explanation, Redo was born with several physical malformations. He has a shorter right arm, that lacks an elbow joint, and has a total of five fingers – two on the right and three on the left hand. He is also misses his right hip, has a shorter right leg, and walks with the aid of a prosthetic.. Despite this, he has overcome his disability and has become one of the most talented and respected breakdancers in the world.

Redo has stated in interviews that his disability has actually helped him develop his unique style of breaking, as he has had to find ways to compensate for his lack of mobility in his right arm. He has developed a distinctive dance style that emphasizes footwork and uses his left arm to execute moves that would typically require the use of both arms.

Redo’s success in breaking has also inspired many people with disabilities around the world to pursue their passions and not let their physical limitations hold them back. He has become an ambassador for disability rights and an inspiration to many in the dance community and beyond.

Overall, Redo’s disability has not held him back from achieving his dreams and becoming one of the most respected breakdancers in the world. His perseverance, talent, and determination are an inspiration to us all.

Redo is known for his unique style, which combines traditional breaking moves with acrobatics and other dance styles.