Here you will find night critiques and reviews, which we usually accompany and supplement with dance photography and dance films of the performances to offer an additional, independent and hopefully artistic view of the choreographic events.

Aspiration and reality

Circles, circles, circles: The Ludwig Forum Aachen becomes the venue for „Us Swerve“ by Alex Baczyński-Jenkins. The result is fatigue.

By Harff-Peter Schönherr


Rollerblade riders love large, smooth surfaces. The Ludwig Forum for International Art in Aachen can serve […]

Von |27. Februar, 2024|

schrit_tmacher festival 2024 – second week

Until we sleep

Far From the Norm and Botis Seva at Kerkrade Theatre

By Thomas Linden 

When a grenade hits, you can hear the sound of the chunks of earth falling to the ground after the detonation. After the deafening bang, it sounds like a gentle rain. The […]

Von |27. Februar, 2024|

schrit_tmacher justdance! Festival in Heerlen:

The call of the abyss

Confidence, despite everything: Niek Wagenaar’s „After All“ takes place in the open air. A gust of thunderstorm gives the event extra vigour.

By: Harff-Peter Schönherr

Car parks are usually not surprising. What happens in […]

Von |26. Februar, 2024|

schrit_tmacher festival 2024 now also open in Belgium

Ball, ring and club

Whatever you think of juggling: In Sean Gandini’s „LIFE. A Love Letter to Merce Cunningham“, it almost playfully opens our eyes to one of the most dazzling and exceptional figures in contemporary dance. […]

Von |25. Februar, 2024|

schrit_tmacher festival now has also opened in Aachen

A distant, close world

In „Whenua“, the New Zealand Dance Company confronts us with a hope: that, as different as we are, we are all essentially the same.

By: Harff-Peter Schönherr

There are places that have two lives. The Stahlbau Strang factory […]

Von |24. Februar, 2024|
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