Here you will find night critiques and reviews, which we usually accompany and supplement with dance photography and dance films of the performances to offer an additional, independent and hopefully artistic view of the choreographic events.

Wayne McGregors “FAR” opens schrit_tmacher in Aachen

Dance on the highest level to be seen in Fabrik Stahlbau Strang in Aachen for the opening of the 25th schrit_tmacher justDANCE! Festival

Back to the future

 nightreview by Laura Brechmann

translated by Karoline Strys

The evening begins with Giacomelli by torchlight. A male and a female dancer […]

Von |7. März, 2020|

VERTIGO DANCE COMPANY opens schrit_tmacher festival

“WHITE NOISE”celebrated by the audience in Heerlen’s Parkstad Limburg Theaters

No Escape

nightreview by Laura Brechmann

translated by Karoline Strys

HERE you can see our Videoimpressions

The energetic choreography of Noa Wertheim lives on the tension between an overload and […]

Von |5. März, 2020|

Schrittmacher Festival in Aachen:

Guest performance by the Spellbound Contemporary Ballet

Rossini Ouvertures

choreography by Mauro Astolfi

Nicole Strecker

translated by Karoline Strys

Actually, there should not happen anything on stage yet at all. After the musicians have tuned their instruments for a very last time, the spectators cleaned up […]

Von |14. April, 2019|

The program “Second Nature“ of the NDT at Theater Heerlen

The second nature grows in the shade

nightreview by Melanie Suchy

translated by Karoline Strys

Before the curtain of Schrittmacher-Festival in Aachen falls again for another year with the Italian Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, the Nederlands Dans Theater […]

Von |11. April, 2019|

Crossroads to Synchronicity

Walking is falling front

Yesterday night the Carolyn Carlson Dance Company from Roubaix, France, made there guest performance “Crossroads to Synchronicity“ at Fabrik Stahlbau Strang – the best place for this choreographic view in between the times.

nightreview by Melanie Suchy

translated by […]

Von |8. April, 2019|
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