Here you will find night critiques and reviews, which we usually accompany and supplement with dance photography and dance films of the performances to offer an additional, independent and hopefully artistic view of the choreographic events.

Larsen C – CRAB WALK

Larsen C


Greek choreographer and expert in vegan dramatics, Christos Papadopoulos, will be a guest at tanzhaus NRW on November 8 and 9.

By Arnd Wesemann

translated by Karoline Strys

What a disaster. When a huge ice sheet broke off in Antarctica in July 2017, one-eighth of […]

Von |10. Oktober, 2022|

Visually stunning production in surreal images

Visually stunning production in surreal images

Letting the body speak as a political weapon is a skill that only few in dance master in such a subtle way as the bodytalk-ers from Münster do – here again in an international co-production and for the first time with the Polish Teatr Rozbark […]

Von |11. Oktober, 2020|
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