Leaving the red carpet

Rückblick auf das dancescreen 2019 + TANZRAUSCHEN Festival Wuppertal

von Karoline Strys

Leaving the red carpet to follow a red coat. Stepping into footsteps, size 7. Following the idea of a workshop I took, the eye of the camera is becoming my spectator as much as the body of the camera becomes another performer in space. We are taking a red-coat-walk heading for what appears appealing to us. Lines on the floor and straight ones ahead, verticals, voices, vehicles. Sounds and sceneries overlapping each other creating different levels of perception. How do spaces shift when different impressions layer, when they are left out or left behind. We are entering my memory palace where things are stored in my boxes. We are entering a golding tent. Mainly influenced by the words of the makers I continue my journey whilst not giving too much attention – too much power? – to what the camera absorbs. It is still me looking at things, it is still me simply holding the camera, it is still me, it is still. Another traid. Another halt. Everything comes to a moment of stillness at some point. We will see.  
Artistic Response to my impressions at dancescreen 2019 + Tanzrauschen Wuppertal in the frame of the Dance & Dare Lab