Gisèle Vienne’s world premiere of „EXTRA LIFE“

Von |2023-08-30T11:02:02+01:0017. August, 2023|

Gisèle Vienne's world premiere Better to be alien than used "Extra Life" as part of the Ruhrtriennale 2023 review by Melanie Suchy In the middle of the play, one wonders if it was conceived and rehearsed in the Corona era. Whether lockdown and spacing conditions led to only three people acting on a huge [...]

Sea of blood and brightness of hope

Von |2023-07-30T10:54:11+01:0030. Juli, 2023|

Sea of blood and brightness of hope The dance theatre company "Bodytalk" in Münster presents the "Westphalian Peace Ballet". Peace is kept within limits. The ballet too. By: Harff-Peter Schönherr Peace. This word is often heard in Münster these days. Inflationary often. The city celebrates the 375th anniversary of the Peace of Westphalia in [...]

Larsen C – CRAB WALK

Von |2022-11-10T12:15:11+01:0010. Oktober, 2022|

Larsen C CRAB WALK Greek choreographer and expert in vegan dramatics, Christos Papadopoulos, will be a guest at tanzhaus NRW on November 8 and 9. By Arnd Wesemann translated by Karoline Strys What a disaster. When a huge ice sheet broke off in Antarctica in July 2017, one-eighth of the Larsen C ice shelf, [...]

Wen Hui as Chinese Patti Smith at PACT Zollverein

Von |2022-09-07T06:24:39+01:006. September, 2022|

Ruhrtriennale 2022: Wen Hui as Chinese Patti Smith at PACT Zollverein People have the Power nightreview by Arnd Wesemann translated by Karoline Strys Corona put a spoke in her wheel. For months she had been commuting in Germany, in between Frankfurt and Essen, to Weimar, Munich and Berlin. She is like trapped, owning the [...]

BODIES AND STRUCTURE von Alexandra Waierstall

Von |2019-05-12T00:39:24+01:0011. Mai, 2019|

Im Rahmen des Festivals TANZ NRW'19: Uraufführung im Tanzhaus NRW BODIES AND STRUCTURE von Alexandra Waierstall in der "Arena"-Skulptur von Rita McBride Nachteindrücke von Klaus Dilger HIER geht es zu unseren Videoimpressionen Alexandra Waierstall’s  „Bodies and Structure“ feierte im Rahmen von TANZ NRW ’19 im Grossen Saal des Tanzhaus NRW in Düsseldorf seine Uraufführung [...]

“Solidaritot / Solidarnoc“ by bodytalk and PTT

Von |2018-12-22T19:05:09+01:0015. Dezember, 2018|

Move lots The Polish Dance Theatre and Bodytalk present “Solidaritot / Solidarnoc“ in Theater im Pumpenhaus in Münster Night review by Melanie Suchy translated by Karoline Strys Dance is for dreams. For those sweet and peaceful ones, for the wild, for those full of fear,  disgust, full of lust, sex, chaos, struggle, for those [...]

Ballett Dormund gains fame and puts Christmas cheer on the line

Von |2017-12-21T08:20:18+01:0015. Oktober, 2015|

NUTCRACKER celebrated by the audience in Dortmund nightreview by Luke Aaron Forbes   SEE ALSO OUR TRAILER OF MILLEPIEDS NUTCRACKER ON OUR VIMEO CHANNEL The Ballett Dortmund continues to raise its artistic profile by riding on the coattails of international dance personalities. Whether playing host to international ballet galas or engaging choreographer Benjamin Millepied [...]

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