14. SoloDuo nrw + friends internationales Tanzfestival Köln

Die Gewinner stehen fest

Zum vierzehnten Mal veranstaltete BARNES CROSSING (Freiraum für TanzPerformanceKunst) vom 20.-22. Mai 2022 in Köln das internationale Tanzfestival SoloDuo NRW + friends und kooperiert dabei auch wieder mit dem Budapester SzólóDuó Táncfesztivál und der Almada Dance Company / Almada international Dance Festival.

Bei der Preisverleihung am 22.Mai, 15:00 Uhr wurden von der Jury Roos van Berkel / NL, Ildikó Mándy / HU, Christina Maria Purkert /D folgende Preise vergeben – siehe auch Laudationen:

Jury-Preisträger 2022

·       Best Solo: ’She comes in on clouds’ by Stem Rudstrom

·       Best Duo: ‘A strati’ by Beatrice Panero and Dario Rigaglia

·       Best Solo Newcomer: ‘A perfect match (?)’ by Paulina Jürges

·       Best Duo Newcomer: ‘Remanenz’ by Mira Rosa Plikat and Selina Koch

·       Best Dancer/Performer: Paula Niehoff

Die Jurypreise umfassen für alle Preisträger eine Einladung zum SzólóDúo Fesztivál im Januar 2023 nach Budapest (die Preisgelder dienen der Deckung der Reise- und Unterbringungskosten und werden von der Kunstsalonstiftung ausgelobt. Das awarded Solo und das awarded Duo erhalten zusätzlich eine Einladung zum Almada international Dance Festival 2022 nach Portugal. Das Preisgeld für diese beiden Produktionen erhöht sich um den Betrag der Reisekosten, dies wird ebenfalls von der Kunstsalonstiftung übernommen (pro awarded Solo 400 € / pro awarded Duo 800 €)

Durch das Publikum wurden folgende Publikumspreise vergeben:


Bestes Solo: A perfect match (?) Paulina Jürges

Bestes Duo: 24 hours Mihyun Ko und Jay Park


Bestes Solo: Smadar Goshen Lucy in the sky

Bestes Duo: Remanenz Mira Rosa Plikat, Selina Koch




Best Solo: ’She comes in on clouds’ by Stem Rudstrom

‘She comes in on clouds’ by Stem Rudstrom is a poetic solo with a gestural language that is very pure and multifaceted. His use of text flows from the movement, generates a subtle sense of humour and opens up more layers of imagination. Rudstrom’s use of time and space creates a sphere that softens our perception of boundaries.



Best Duo: ‘A strati’ by Beatrice Panero and Dario Rigaglia

‘A strati’ by Beatrice Panero and Dario Rigaglia begins with a very chrystallized scenographic idea. It introduces a diagonal line of white light on the floor that seems to be a border that attracts and repels the two dancers like waves rolling up to and away from the seashore. The choreography convinces further with a clear and somewhat minimal use of direction and repetition. The connection between the two dancers is tender and their performativity has a natural looking clarity.



Best Solo Newcomer: ‘A perfect match (?)’ by Paulina Jürges

Covered in a big pile of clothes with two legs appearing, the dancer-creature balances between an awakening monster and a gracious flamingo. Paulina Jürges proposes an interesting concept performed with an abundance of theatricality. As a jury, we see potential to further explore the non-human imagery in relation to the topic of overconsumption.



Best Duo Newcomer: ‘Remanenz’ by Mira Rosa Plikat and Selina Koch

‘Remanenz’ shows trust, courage and balance. The duet diffuses many images of two bodies that seem to merge into one. The shadow on the back wall is a third entity that generates more images. Mira Rosa Plikat and Selina Koch are like two snails clinging on to each other. They move with a continuous slow tempo and seamless transitions. The refined use of time dissolves the space-time continuum.



Best Dancer/Performer: Paula Niehoff

Paula Niehoff is a focussed, energetic dancer that commits to a movement idea and fully explores it. In this work she gives her limbs a life of their own. With her face hidden under a hat and no facial expression to rely on, she convinces us with her bodily expressiveness.