Shay Kuebler/ Radical System Art –  at schrit_tmacher just DANCE!


short nightreview by Veronica Posth

The Canadian choreographer Shay Kuebler presents „Telemetry“ at the Fabrik Stahlbau inside the rich program of Schrit_tmacher festival. It is an entertaining piece full of zest with a recreative choreography blend of Swing, Be-pop, Jazz, House, Step and Contemporary dance. The music, also eclectic, combines perfectly with the choreography made out of runs, falls, jumps, contortions, shakes and drops. The lights, changing and absorbing are specifically made to design a theatre set that envelopes and merges the movements’s babel. Force, dynamics, vivacity and enthusiasm come out from the bodies of the performers that release constant brio and create an effervescent , animated scenario.