13. SoloDuo nrw + friends internationales Tanzfestival Köln/ digital edition


Zum dreizehnten Mal veranstaltete BARNES CROSSING (Freiraum für TanzPerformanceKunst) vom 21.-23. Mai 2021 in Köln das internationale Tanzfestival SoloDuo NRW + friends und kooperierte dabei auch wieder mit dem Budapester SzólóDuó Táncfesztivál und – seit dem letzten Jahr – der Almada Dance Company / Almada international Dance Festival.

Bei der Preisverleihung am So., 23. Mai 18:00 Uhr wurden von der Jury – Roos van Berkel / NL, Britta Lieberknecht / D, Johanna Bodor, HU – folgende Preise vergeben. (Hier mit den Kurzbegründungen der Juror_innen)

Best Performer: Jason Martin / ‘Etude no. 1’

Jason Martin pierces through the screen with high technical skill and large dynamic sensitivity. Martin’s body-mind is a vessel of dance vocabularies that seamlessly combine into one strong signature. The jury is convinced by the humble, honest curiosity of an inner journey that strives to bring us closer to the unspeakable in our existence.

Newcomer – best Duo: Anat Oz / ‘Introtention Coda

‘Introtention Coda’ exposes a venomous interdependence and an addictive need for recognition. This satire by Anat Oz refers to #metoo and critiques the power-relationship between choreographer and dancer. A relentless duet by two excellent dancers that uses humor, strength, courage and irony to pull the veil off the dark side of the dance world.

Newcomer – best  Solo: Etienne Sarti / ,,._‘:.!,.-^.?‘ (Komma, Punkt)

,,._’:.!,.-^.?’ (Komma, Punkt) tackles us with virtuous combinations of expressions of insecurity and shyness. One can almost hear the interrupted sentences which eventually drown in failure, and feel the eternal loss. Sarti’s manifold repetitions, transformations of pedestrian movement and fractals of gestures refer to techno dancing juxtaposed with seemingly unmale softness and vulnerability.

Best Duo: Danae Dimitriadi & Dionysios Alamanos / ‘UNCIA‘

Gestures that cut into the darkness of the space: sharp like knifes or floating softly. ‘UNCIA’ captures every second of our attention with dynamic shifts, very detailed movements and a spellbound inward attention that creates full synchrony between the two dancers. A strong poetic duet that barely reveals the faces of the dancers. And leaves us to guess: are they each other’s ghost, alter ego, dominator, slave, core, shell, twin, resonator or stimulus?

Best Solo: Alesya Dobysh / ‘Stop Making Sense’

In her solo ‘Stop making Sense’, Alesya Dobysh throws herself through the space at the borderline of keeping control. Inspired by visual artist Robert Longo’s ‘Men in the City’, Dobysh creates unstable ground by brilliantly exchanging his falling figures with high-speed footwork, twists and contortions. A unique language with rhythms that render the body vulnerable and make it breathe unpredictability.

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